Tenkoul Abderrahman

Institut Euromed des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques


State Doctorate in French and Francophone Literature, University of Paris XIII, 1994
Postegraduate Degree, modern and contemporary literature option, Aix-en-Provence University, 1984.

Society, culture and imagination
Aesthetic and symbolic expressions
Governance, territories and development
Immigration and interculturality

Teaching and courses: at the level of all higher cycles in the disciplines of literature, philosophy, semiology, history of ideas, critical and research methods, aesthetic reception. In the same context, participation in the assembly and implementation of several DESA, Master and research structures. Visiting professor at many universities in Canada, France, Italy, Tunisia.

Responsibilities: several functions assumed as head of department, member of the governing board, of the university council, Vice Dean, Vice President, Dean, University president, Coordinator of the CPU and member of the CNACES, President of the national jury of translation aggregation, President of the national jury of French literature aggregation.

Expertises: a) socio-economic and cultural projects (establishment of cultural centers in Morocco funded by the European Union, of social activities generating income within the framework of the National Initiative for Human Development); b) educational and scientific projects: Training courses (Bachelors and Masters) in Literature and Human and Social Sciences; Qualifying secondary school textbooks; Works receiving funding support from the CNRST for publication; Scientific and academic records for the passage from grade to grade; c) projects for the development of university institutions for access to the post of President or Dean; d) applications for literary prizes (Moroccan book prize, Grand Atlas prize, poetry prize from the Al Babtaine Foundation for Culture, children's book prize from the Ministry of Culture of Qatar, Kateb Yacine prize for the novel , annual poetry prize awarded by the Moroccan poetry house).

Collective works
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Teaching of the following modules Arabic / French and French / Arabic Translation module, Translation Sector

Arabic culture module, Translation sector
Module Management of institutions, Master Communication program of entrepreneurship and institutions
Media Sociology module, Communication program of entrepreneurship and institutions
History, revolution and conflicts in the Mediterranean module, Bachelor of Science in Political Sciences
Art History module, Stream Architecture