Institut de Science Juridique et Politique

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Diploma awarded


Duration of studies

: 3 years


: Pr. Sanae Kasmi

General introduction to the law 
History and civilization of the Mediterranean 
Economic anthropology 
Introduction to political science 
Euro-Mediterranean geopolitics 
Written and oral expression 
Living Languages

Constitutional right 
Civil right 
History of political ideas 
Changes, revolutions and conflicts in the Mediterranean 
Introduction to Muslim law 
Communication and social networks 
Living Languages

Epistemology and social science methods 
Administrative law 
International law 
Public management and finance 
Sociology of identities 
Statistics and science data 
Living Languages

Sociology of the State 
Private International Law 
Business Law 
Social right 
European and regional integration 
Theories of institutions and decision 
Living Languages 

Forms of democracy in the Euro-Mediterranean 
Collective action, social movements and mobilizations 
Sociology of communication and media 
Town planning law 
Regulatory authorities in the Euro-Mediterranean area 
Human rights and fundamental freedoms 
Living Languages

Theories and frameworks for public policy analysis 
European Union Economic Law 
Public management and public-private partnership 
Methodology of Social Sciences 
Living Languages 
Tutored project

The Bachelor in Political Science provides general knowledge in the social sciences of politics and law which gradually specialize in order to prepare students for one of the masters of the discipline or other neighboring specialties, through the transmission of tools for analyzing and deciphering the contemporary political realities of the Euro-Mediterranean. This license operates by putting the theories and data from political and legal sciences into perspective through a Euro-Mediterranean contextualization and comparisons on a global scale.

The objective of the Bachelor of Political Science training is to allow students to:

Identify and get to know the political, economic, administrative and social actors at local, national, Euro-Mediterranean and global level,To understand the principles of analysis of the contemporary world relating to political regimes, legal and social systems and national and international conflicts.To master the mechanisms of analysis of the main challenges of the contemporary world, such as environmental, development and conflict problems,To know how to mobilize the concepts and methods of different disciplines to understand and analyze the different aspects of the contemporary world

Institut de Science Juridique et Politique

General transversal skills

Specific skills in political and legal sciences.

1st year: Baccalaureate.
Written test: general knowledge - Dissertation on the theme of the Euro-Mediterranean area.
Oral test
Motivational interview

The Political Science License trains versatile students ready to integrate various masters belonging to political science, law and other social science training (economics, sociology, history, geography, town planning ..., etc.)

The Political Science License also makes it possible to integrate professional circles in the fields of studies and advice, in those of local authorities and public and European administrations, in positions of collaborators with elected officials, in the professions of journalism, public and institutional communication and of the associative s