Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS)

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Mechanical and Energy Engineering


Diploma awarded

: Mechanical & Energy Engineer

Duration of studies

: 5 years



General and specialty modules

Design, implement and pilot production systems for goods and services:
In industry, transport and energy for the "Mechanics and Industrial Engineering" course,
In the fields of thermal transfers, waste treatment and development of process reactors for the "Energy Environment" course.

Through these trades, he will:
define the specifications of these systems
design, model, develop and optimize these systems
"Energy Environment" course
"Mechanics and Industrial Engineering" course

INSA Euro-Méditerranée

Model and simulate the behavior of a mechanical system
Design and manage a complex industrial system
Work as part of an industrial project.

Access in first year (3rd year of INSA Euro-Mediterranean):
Applicants who have validated the two preparatory years (CP of INSA EURO-MÉDITERRANÉE) in the engineering cycle or equivalent
Access in Second year (4th year of INSA EURO-MÉDITERRANÉE):Master 1 or equivalent.

Laboratory of mechanics-automatisms-energetics
Various software

Production engineer,
Business engineer,
Consulting engineer or expert engineer,
Project manager