INSA Euro-Méditerranée

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INSA EM preparatory cycle

Cycle Préparatoire formation Ingénieur

Diploma awarded


Duration of studies

: 2 Years


: Manuel Kuhn

The objective of the Integrated Preparatory Cycle is to prepare, over four semesters, the integration of an engineering cycle stream.

INSA Euro-Méditerranée

Scientific base in Mathematics and Physics for a general engineer.
Base in applied sciences and technology for optional courses in Electrical Engineering (GE), Mechanical and Energy Engineering (GME) and Information and Communication Systems (SIC) preparing for the 3 engineering courses of INSA Euro-Mediterranean.
Base in Human Sciences and Communication in a foreign language for a student-engineer with a Euro-Mediterranean vocation from UEMF.

Bachelor of Science (Math - Physics) + selection competition (file study + interview).
Possible material means Instrumentation and measurement equipment

- DEVC ++
- Office 2016
- Maxima
- MathType 6
- Solidworks
- Spirit
- RDM6
- UP mini 2
- PsPice
- Cyclepad
- Python
- 3D experience
- Octave
- Scilab

Possible courses in:
Electrical Engineering (GME)
Mechanical & Energy Engineering (GE)
Information and Communication Systems (SIC)

INSA engineer training cycle
STPI sector code (Engineering Science and Technology)