Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS)

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Information and Communication Systems


Diploma awarded

: Engineer in Computer Sciences

Duration of studies

: 3 years


: Mhamed Zineddine

General modules
Mathematics-Probability and stochastic processes
Measurements and Distributions
Advanced Algorithms and C Programming
Data processing 2
Image processing
Cyber security
Big data analytics
Advanced statistics
Connected objects

The SIC engineer carries out the design, production, testing and maintenance of complex IT solutions

INSA Euro-Méditerranée

Design and deploy complex IT solutions
Design and implement a data processing method
Optimize and integrate new technologies into networks.

Access in first year (3rd year of INSA Euro-Mediterranean):
Applicants who have validated the two preparatory years (CP of INSA EURO-MÉDITERRANÉE) in the engineering cycle or equivalent

Access in Second year (4th year of INSA EURO-MÉDITERRANÉE): Master 1 or equivalent.

Network Room (Cisco)
Various software
Server room (Linux and Windows)

Technical architect (data and network infrastructure),
Data engineer,
Design and development engineer,
Research engineer,
Information System and Network Administrator.