Type :

diploma (level bac+5)

Title :

Specialized Master's Degree: Marketing and Communication

Contact - Last & First name :

Azeddine ATIK

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Training aims

The Euromed Business School's Specialised Masters and Certificates aim to equip future executives, leaders and decision-makers with the skills and tools needed to meet the challenges of organisations. 
The courses given by Moroccan and international experts and researchers cover cross-cutting management skills, the development of soft skills, and the acquisition of advanced expertise in the field of specialisation. 
Our trainings put into action the pillars of the Euromed Profile - Openness to the World, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Digitalisation and Responsibility - to develop the potential and leadership of the participants. 
A pedagogical model for personal and professional development: Alternating between professional activity and learning - Team work - Projects with an impact on companies and society - Business game
Management Cross-disciplinary competences: Strategic Management - Organisational Design - Performance Management - Quality Management
Leadership and softs skills: Leadership and Team Management - Entrepreneurial Mindset and creative thinking - Communication Techniques in the workplace



Specific objectives

Define and implement a marketing strategy 

Conducting market research and advising decision-makers

Designing and implementing an effective communication campaign

Implement and measure the impact of a digital strategy.

Professional Opportunities

Product Manager, Brand Manager, Key Account Manager, Community Manager, Digital Project Manager, Consultant, etc.., 

Learning mode