Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS)

December 2015: Ph.D, Faculty of Science, Mohammed-V University of Rabat in computer networks, Title: «Management of End-to-End QoS in inter-domain networks», grade: very honorable.

June 2010: Engineering Diploma in Networking and Telecommunication, National school of Applied Sciences in Tangier.

June 2008: Master's Degree in Telecommunication, Sciences and technologies Faculty in Fes.


IoT Security Professional Certification by ITU/MUST, IPv6 and IoT Centre of Expertise

Cisco Certified Network Associate: Network Basics, Protocols and Routing Concepts, LAN Switching and Wireless.

Linux Professional Institute Certification 1: Junior Administration Level.



Since October 2018: Researcher in Computer Science at the Euromed University of Fes

January 2017 – February 2018: Professor of computer science at SupMti school, Meknes.

 S. BAKKALI, H. BENABOUD: « A study of routing in Internet of Things », en cours de préparation. 

H. BENABOUD, S. BAKKALI: « QoS-CM: An Enhanced version of QoS-CMS and its integration in BGP for an End to End Quality of Service », Publié dans: Ezziyyani M. (eds) Advanced Intelligent Systems for Sustainable Development (AI2SD’2019). AI2SD 2019. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1105, pp 383-389. Springer, Cham. 

S. BAKKALI, H. BENABOUD, M. BENMAMOUN: « Performance Evaluation of QoS-CMS Mechanism for Inter-domain Quality of Service », la 6th International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems – ICMCS’18, IEEE Conference Publications, 10-12 Mai, Rabat-Maroc,  ISBN: 978-1-5386-6220-5, 2018. Publié par Ieexplore.

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Communication in « MENOG 16 Meeting», 23 and 24 March, Istanbul, Turquie, oral presentation: « Management of Inter-domain Quality of Service », 2016, .

S. BAKKALI, H. BENABOUD, M. BENMAMOUN : « QdS de bout en bout dans un environnement DiffServ inter-domaine », Doctoral Days in information systems, networks and telecommunications, pp. 70-75, Rabat, 2012.

S. BAKKALI : « A propos de la sécurité du protocole BGP », poster in the 2nd edition of  National Security Days, Marrakech, 2012.

S. BAKKALI, H.BENABOUD: « Routage inter-domaine avec QdS : Vue d’ensemble », 2nd Workshop WCCCS, pp. 300-305, Rabat, 2011.

Network routing and security

QoS in Inter-domain Networks


Routing and security in IoT

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