Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS)

Doctorate in Applied Mathematics Rabat 2002.

PHD in Applied Mathematics Québec 2005.

Diploma in SI from ENSIAS 1994.

Mathematics & geometric modeling

Engineer responsible for the IT department within the Ministry of National Education: delegation from Rabat. 1994-2000.

Engineer in the IT strategy division at the Ministry of National Education 2000-2003.

Professor at Cegep de Rimouski, Quebec Canada 2004-2006.

Professor in the mechanical and electrical engineering department at the University of Quebec in Rimouski, Quebec Canada 2005-2011.

Professor at Cegep de Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada Winter 2008.

Head Professor of the preparatory classes integrated at the International University of Casablanca Morocco 2012-2015.


El Jai, M., Saidou, N., Zineddine, M., Bachiri, H. Mathematical design and preliminary mechanical analysis of the new lattice structure: “GE-SEZ*” structure processed by ABS polymer and FDM technology. Prog Addit Manuf (2020).


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Bissection Method, a Geometrical Model for the 2D and 3D Skeletonization of Complex Shapes submitted.    

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Guest lecturer at the Mohammedia School of Engineering - Morocco March 2019.

Guest lecturer at the Faculty of Science of Tétouan - Morocco December 2018.

Guest lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences of Beni Mellal - Morocco June 2018.

Guest lecturer at the Faculty of Science of Kenitra - Morocco March 2018.

Guest lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences of Oujda - Morocco November 2017.

Guest speaker at the Cancer Studies Center - Morocco September 2017.

Guest lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences of Fez - Morocco - April 2017.

Guest speaker at the FST in Fez - Morocco. February 2017.

Speaker at Le Massif - Morocco - April 2015.

Guest lecturer at CNRT - Morocco - May

Speaker at Massif - Morocco - April 2014.

Guest lecturer at the Maritime Institute of Quebec - Canada. June 2010.

Guest lecturer at the University of Laval - Quebec - Canada. May 2004.

Communication at the International Conference on Nonliear Functional Analysis and application Kyungnam University, Korea - 2002.

Communication at the Maroco-Andalusian international conference - 2001.

Communication at the conference on nonlinear analysis and optimization at Cadi Ayad University -1999.

Teaching of fundamental and applied mathematics at the 3 university cycles.
Supervision and direction of research work at the graduate level.
Support of research work, internships, PFE of students in the industrial environment.