Euromed Polytechnic School (EPS)



Master’sDegreeinComputerEngineering,FacultyofSciencesofOujda(FSO),MohammedPremierUniversity (2012-2014).




  • Artificial intelligence and Data science,
  • Big Data,
  • Operational research and combinatorial optimization,
  • Computes parallel,
  • Automatic processing of natural language with neural networks,
  • Question / answer systems and information retrieval,
  • Internet of Things (IoT).

Professor/researcher at UEMF (January 2020).

BigData(mapreducehadoop,SparckandApacheKafka)andDataScienceandOptimizationforthe profileofstudentsintheFourthYearEngineeringCycle“DataEngineering”.
Object-orientedprogrammingprojectfortheprofileofstudentsinthesecondyearofthepreparatory cycle.

Postdoctorat at the InstitutPoytechnique Paris (2019 – 2020) :Datascientist/AIResearcher

Mission:TheuseofMachineLearninganddeeplearningmodels,artificialintelligencemodelsingeneralto satisfytheproblemofautomaticgenerationofsourcecodefromdescriptionsinnaturallanguage.

Permanent teacher at SupMTI school.


Temporary teacher in the Faculty of Sciences of Oujda.


Teacher at Acadomia in Le Havre France.

Teachingofmodules:Introductiontooperatingsystemsandnetworks,C++andJavaforthethirdyear computerengineeringcycle. 
Tutorial in the 3rd ieee international conference on logistics operations management gol'16.


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  • Data Science and Optimization (SIC 4),
  • Project S8 (SIC 4)
  • Programming Project (SIC 2)
  • Computer Science 2 (1st Year)