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Licence in “Management Sciences”


Diploma awarded

: Licence

Duration of studies

: 3 years


: Hicham Sebti

1st year and 2nd year: 
Basic modules in economics, accounting, management, IT, financial mathematics, communication, languages, marketing, and discovery internship 

3rd year 
The three options: Finance and Accounting - Marketing - International Management, open in the 3rd year of the license will allow to develop specific skills and prepare for further study in the Master cycle. 


The “Licence in Management Sciences” aims to equip students with fundamental knowledge and skills to understand the economic environment of companies, to be able to mobilize the tools for analyzing economic and managerial issues and to act effectively and efficiently in within organizations. 

Euromed Business School

Ability to analyze and synthesize economic data, accounting and financial statistics: mastery of statistical analysis tools, statistical data processing software, survey design software and data acquisition; 
Ability to analyze and understand companies and organizations with mastery of their basic management tools; 
Acquisition and mastery of written and oral expression techniques, and languages; 
Acquisition and mastery of IT tools and quantitative techniques; 
Acquisition of research methods, and development of capacities for synthesis, analysis, criticism and open-mindedness; 

Access in 1st year: Competition for holders of a baccalaureate, scientific, technical, economic or equivalent 
Access in 2nd year: Students who validated the 1st year of preparatory classes or Bachelor in Management 
Access in 3rd year: Students who validated the first two years of preparatory classes or Bachelor in Management 

Various simulation software

The Management stream prepares students for a wide variety of professions associated with organizational management