Message from the Director of EMADU

Welcome to EMADU 
The Euro-Mediterranean School of Architecture, Design and Town Planning (EMADU), establishment of the EuroMed University of Fez (UEMF), is a co-creation between UEMF and the University of Florence with involvement of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD Paris). 

Its mission is to train Architects, Designers, Town planners, Landscape Architects and specialists in heritage conservation; in particular Euro-Mediterranean. The School provides innovative training combining the skills of architect and engineer to form profiles capable of better contributing to the design and organization of the living space of the citizen of the 21st century, in compliance with standards. quality and environment. Our ambition is to train high-level executives capable of supporting major projects and development projects in the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean basin and in sub-Saharan Africa in the fields of Design, Architecture, Landscape and safeguarding of the Heritage. 

The future winners will be made aware of Euro-Mediterranean history and culture, the socio-economic challenges of the region, entrepreneurship and innovation. For this, we rely on a rich partnership network both academically and socio-economically. The students, recruited mainly from Morocco and Sub-Saharan Africa. Teaching is provided by UEMF teacher-researchers, partner universities and professionals from socio-economic backgrounds. 

The management team Director:

Pr.Iman Meriem Benkirane: 
Educational manager: Mrs. Marie Préaux m. Pré 
Design coordinator: Ms. Zineb Tazi