Ecole EuroMed de Génie Civil (EEMGC)

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Preparatory cycle of the Euromed School of Civil Engineering

Cycle Préparatoire formation Ingénieur

Diploma awarded


Duration of studies

: 2 years


: Pr. Zekriti Mohssin

Semester 1: 
Mathematics 1
Physical Sciences 1
Physical Sciences 2
Communication and language1 

Semester 2:
Mathematics 2
Physical Sciences 3
Engineering Sciences 1
Communication and language2

Semester 3: 
Mathematics 3
Physical Sciences 4
Culture Euromed and Computer Science 1 

Semester 4: 
Mathematics 4
Physical Sciences 5
Engineering Sciences 2
Culture Euromed and IT 2

The aim of the Integrated Preparatory Cycle of the EEMGC is to prepare, over four semesters, integration into the engineering cycle of EEMGC.

Ecole EuroMed de Génie Civil (EEMGC)

Baccalaureat of Science + selection competition

Optics + mechanics + electricity + strength of materials+ fluid mechanics laboratories