Ecole d’Ingénierie Digitale et d’Intelligence Artificielle (EIDIA)

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Integrated Preparatory Cycle EIDIA Integrated Preparatory Cycle

Cycle Préparatoire formation Ingénieur

Diploma awarded


Duration of studies

: 2 Years After Bac


: Smail TIGANI




Languages ​​and Communication

The ambition and motivations behind the creation of the preparatory cycle is to provide students with the basic concepts, concepts and tools essential for the profession of a digital engineer. This preparatory cycle gives paramount importance to algorithmic design. The mastery of such a tool is the main key to writing optimal solutions for any problem arising from the various fields of the digital world. The mastery of such a tool envisages the acquisition of mathematical skills in each of the fields: Analysis, Numerical Analysis, General Algebra, Linear Algebra. Having skills in digital analysis and analysis will allow the future digital engineer to properly design and assess the complexities of his solutions. The preparatory cycle of the Euro-Med School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence provides the basic engineering sciences and introduces students to teaching units that focus on digital. Home Establishment School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence 


Ecole d’Ingénierie Digitale et d’Intelligence Artificielle (EIDIA)

Understand the Architecture and composition of computers. 
Understand and Design an Algorithm. 
Program an Algorithm in C or C ++, Java. 
Design an analog or digital electronic circuit. 
Design a database and write SQL queries. 
Develop a website. 
Master the mathematical and physical tools for digital engineering. 

Scientific baccalaureates or equivalent diplomas 

Selection procedures: Study of the file Written Exam - Interview 

Educational prerequisites: Fundamental knowledge provided in the scientific baccalaureate cycle. 


High Performance Computing Center. 
Multimedia room with interactive boards. 
Laboratory of Connected Objects, Sensors, Robots ... 
Virtual Reality Room