Ecole d’Ingénierie Digitale et d’Intelligence Artificielle (EIDIA)

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Cyber ​​security


Diploma awarded

: Cyber ​​security engineer

Duration of studies

: 3 Années


: Smail Tigani

Cybersecurity basics 
Signal Processing 
Human-Machine Interfaces 
Network Services and Protocols 
Euro-Mediterranean Communication and Culture 
Advanced Algorithms 
Image Processing 
Embedded Systems and Connected Objects 
Operational Research 
Parallel Computing and Distributed Applications 
Information Theory & Cryptology 
Advanced Python Programming 
NodeJS platform 
Project Management 
Database Engineering  
Digital Entrepreneurship 
Network security 
Administration of Databases 
Block chain Technologies 
Advanced Linux Administration 
Java Card technology 
Applied Machine Learning 
Security of the Internet of Things "IoT" 
Cybersecurity Audit and Standards 
Strategic Management 
Intrusion Detection Tests 
Concealment of Information 

The training programs provide methodologies for designing, organizing and validating information system security, cryptography, Block chain and engineering of secure systems and networks, deployment of security, supervision and audit. Home Establishment School of Digital Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Ecole d’Ingénierie Digitale et d’Intelligence Artificielle (EIDIA)

Design of secure system architectures 
Identifying sources of cyber security danger for businesses 
Development of management and operating techniques for adapted secure solutions 4. Mastery of tools dedicated to IT security 
Know how to organize an IS penetration test type security audit procedure 
Security management and implementation of security standards and policies. 

Access in first year: 
Applicants who have validated the two preparatory years for the engineering cycle. Access in Second year: 
Holders Of A Recognized Or Accredited License or Equivalent. 

Selection Procedures: Competition

High Performance Computing Center. 
Multimedia room with interactive boards. 
Laboratory of Connected Objects, Sensors, Robots ... 
Virtual Reality Room Possible routes 

Director DI 
System Administrator 
Network Administrator 
Expert Security Consultant 
Block chain Developer 
Project Manager