Ecole d’Ingénierie Digitale et d’Intelligence Artificielle (EIDIA)

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Artificial Intelligence


Diploma awarded

: Engineer in Artificial Intelligence

Duration of studies

: 3 years


: Maha GMIRA

Introduction to cyber security 
Signal and image processing 
Human-Machine Interfaces 
Network Services and Protocols 
Euro-Med Languages ​​and Culture 
Advanced Algorithmic Design Techniques 
Embedded Systems and Connected Objects 
Operational research 
Parallel Computing and Distributed Applications 
Recognition of Forms 
OpenCV and Computer Vision 
XML and NoSQL Databases 
Graph theory 
R language and Data Analysis 
Project management 
Languages ​​and Communication 
Automatic Processing of Natural Languages 
Knowledge Representation and Learning 
Advanced Image Processing and Optical Character Recognition 
Word Processing: Speech Synthesis 
Final project 
Strategic management 
Multi-Agent Systems 
Web Services and Search Engines 
Virtual Reality and 3D Environment in Blender 
Fuzzy Logic and Theory of the Uncertain 
Android Mobile Development 
Innovation Management 
Project Graduation

Acquire modern tools of artificial intelligence and discover the multiple applications in a large number of varied fields.

Ecole d’Ingénierie Digitale et d’Intelligence Artificielle (EIDIA)

Design of secure system architectures
Identifying sources of cyber security danger for businesses
Development of management and operating techniques for adapted secure solutions
Mastery of tools dedicated to IT security
Know how to organize an IS penetration test type security audit procedure
Security management and implementation of security standards and policies.

Access in first year:
Applicants who have validated the two preparatory years for the engineering cycle.
Access in Second year:
License holders


High Performance Computing Center.
Multimedia room with interactive boards.
Laboratory of Connected Objects, Sensors, Robots ...
Virtual Reality Room

Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Intelligent Systems Developer
Linguistic Programming Engineer
Project Manager