Ecole d’Ingénierie Digitale et d’Intelligence Artificielle (EIDIA)

Training course « BlockChain»  | IBM | Octobre 2019
Certification « Artificial Intelligence Analyst 2019 Mastery Award» | IBM | décembre 2019
Certification « BIG DATA » | IBM | Octobre 2019
Certification « Hadoop 101 » | IBM | Décembre 2019
Training Preparation DELE (Spanish diploma) 2019

PhD in Engineering Sciences, Option: Computer sciences, Mention: very honorable and highly commended.  | Jun 2018 | Research laboratory of computer sciences and telecommunications, Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammed-V, RABAT.

Title :’’ biometric image indexing and searching by multimedia content: fingerprints application’’
Keywords: Fingerprints, Indexation, Biometrics, Retrieval, Triangulation Delaunay     

Training courses taken during doctoral studies: 
Pedagogy in giving courses
Certification: intellectual property
The management of projects and organizations

MASTER degree in computer science and telecommunications faculty of sciences of rabat, 
option: Multimedia Content Development. Mention Good. | June 2012

Fundamental License in Mathematical Sciences and IT (SMI), Faculty of Sciences, University Mohammed-V, RABAT. | June 2010

Baccalaureate Option in mathematical Sciences A, lalla Nezha High school –Rabat  | June 2006

Artificial Intelligence
Signal processing
Multimedia content processing
Image Indexation and classification 

2018-2019 : Teacher | Rabat Higher School in Management and Engineering, (for Engineer students)
2015-2019 : Teacher | PROSYSTEM School Rabat, for Specialized Technician in IT development.

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Laouamer, L., El Mouhtadi, Meryam. (2018). ‘Patient Fingerprint Minutiae Based Medical Image Watermarking and Adaptive Integrity’. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

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M. Elmouhtadi, S. El Fkihi,D. Aboutajdine, ‘Fingerprints indexing algorithms based on multiple characteristics’4th IEEE International Colloquium on Information Scence and Technology, CiSt 2016; Tangier-Assilah; Morocco.

M. Elmouhtadi, S. El Fkihi,D. Aboutajdine, ‘Fingerprint identification using hierarchical matching and topological structures’2nd International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics, AISI 2016; Cairo; Egypt.     Best Paper Award   &  Best Presentation Award

M. Elmouhtadi, S. El Fkihi,D. Aboutajdine, ‘improving fingerprint matching using Delaunay triangulation features’, BDAW’16 International conference on Big Data and Advanced Wireless technologies. Blagoevgrad, Blugaria.        Best Paper Award

M. Elmouhtadi,D. Aboutajdine, S. El Fkihi, ‘Fingerprint indexing based barycenter triangulation’.3rd IEEE World Conference on Complex Systems, WCCS 2015; Marrakech; Morocco.

M. Elmouhtadi, S. El Fkihi,D. Aboutajdine, ‘Hierarchical Triangulation Based Fingerprint Identification’ Mediterranean conference on information and communication technologies’2015.Saidia;Morocco.

Image processing
Data warehouse and Data Mining
Computer Architecture 
Programming with C
Design and Modeling of Databases and DBMS