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Occupational doctor

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The UEMF medical service is open to the entire UEMF community, students, PhD students, faculty, administrative and technical staff, visiting professors and trainees. Medical service is provided at night at the University's student residences.

The main tasks of the UEMF medical service include:

  • Nursing care
  • First aid in the event of an accident
  • Assessing evacuation needs to hospital facilities;
  • Studying the specific needs of students with disabilities;
  • Psychological care of UEMF students and staff;
  • Reviewing medical certificates for students;
  • Reviewing applications to waive students' sports activities;
  • Review of counter-visit cases;
  • Follow-up of chronic disease cases;
  • Hygiene checks at university restaurants;
  • Developing a medical record for hired staff;  
  • Follow-up of pregnant women in the UEMF;
  • Detecting occupational risks and proposing appropriate solutions;
  • Enforcement of health and safety legislation and regulations;
  • Advising and assisting staff in choosing the equipment and tools for work;
  • Conducting information and awareness campaigns (anti-smoking, STDs, blood transfusions, etc).
  • Supervision of the blood donation campaigns;
  • Preparation of the annual report of the medical service to the Regional Employment Directorate;
  • Piloting of the UEMF Health and Safety Committee.