Adil Rakhimi


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EL KHATTABI Mohammed Zakariae

Head of Infrastructure and IS Security

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SOUABNI Mohammed

Development Technician

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IT Support Manager

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Support Technician

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Support Technician

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The Head of Information Systems , is a joint service of the UEMF. It is responsible for the administration of the University's Information System and Digital Operations Management, as well as the management and maintenance of the IT and network and multimedia infrastructure. It provides access to the following services:
Digital ID: All UEMF staff and students have a digital ID. This portal is intended to facilitate students’ access to information within the UEMF (schedules, notes, requests for administrative documents, access to the library, sports centres, restaurant and other UEMF services);
A 365-based collaborative platform that includes:
university email address: All UEMF faculty, staff and students have an e-mail address in the form of 'firstnameinitial.lastname@ueuromed.org' thus promoting internal and external communication,
Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) made available to all university students;
Multi-service cards allowing the UEMF community access to the various services available to them, including:

  • access to the UEMF campus,
  • self-service printers,
  • drinks at the university restaurant,
  • purchases at the UEMF shop,
  • books, textbooks, magazines and other library materials,
  • book reading rooms,
  • gyms at the sports centre, etc.

self-service rooms equipped with the latest generation of PCs with all the software needed for the training provided;
rooms equipped with Computer Aided Design (CAD) workstations;
rooms equipped with workstations and curved screens for artificial intelligence courses;
rooms equipped with headsets (VR) of virtual reality for multimedia courses;
High-speed Internet with a synchronous 1GB link available to all university users (Students, Professors, Staff and Guests);
Wide and complete WiFi coverage with more than 400 access points deployed throughout the UEMF campus;
digital tools for teaching:

  • E-learning platform,
  • MOOC courses,
  • library;

 educational rooms equipped with video projection systems and sound systems;
 new-generation interactive boards;
 rooms equipped with professional video conferencing systems;
 a live streaming system for live broadcasting of local events;
 a centralized internal and external display management system.
Support address: for any request for support or assistance
 Email: support-it@ueuromed.org
 Open: http://sosit.ueuromed.org
Call: 212 538 909 000 (see team extensions for specific positions)