Brahim Seddouki


Post : 128 / Email : b.seddouki@ueuromed.org




Poste : 160 / Email : s.moutaoukil@ueuromed.org


Multimedia technician and graphic designer

Poste : 169 / Email : a.bouhout@ueuromed.org


Institutional Communications Officer and PR

Poste : 216 / Email : j.haraoui@ueuromed.org

Taleb Alami Jihane

Communications Officer: Admission and Social Media

Poste : 170 / Email : j.taleb.alami@ueuromed.org


Implementing the communication strategy and developing the University's reputation;
Promoting the University's image, values and achievements;
Strengthening feelings of belonging within the UEMF community;
Helping define targets for communication
Designing and producing all communication media
Building a narrative about the University, its values and achievements;
Opening up to both internal and external communication;
conducting studies with students and parents;
administering and managing all multimedia communication; 
accompany the University in:
the organization of scientific and socio-cultural events,
the student recruitment campaign;
the organization of open days;
participation in student lounges;
linking with the socio-economic world. 

External communication pole

Institutional communication
Website content manager
Institutional plates
Valuing major institutional projects
Business Communication and Entrepreneurship
Business newsletter
Entrepreneurship Events
Valuing actions and supports for the socio-economic world
Valuing entrepreneurship-related stocks and supports
Digital and social communication Media
Coordinating and managing institutional social networks
Coordinating campaigns on online reference sites
Multimedia projects
Press relations pole   
Press and media communication
Valuing Research and Teaching
Press inserts
Spot broadcast on radio stations
Press relations
Website press space management
Press Events
Press databases
Media valuation of major research projects
Internal communication Pole 
Communication with students and staff
Student events
Student welcome guide
Training offer guides
Student newsletter
Valuing student and association initiatives
Managing the digital platform for students
Management of internal communication tools (Dynamic display, display window, signage, etc.)
"Personal" internal events
A personal welcome guide
Staff newsletter
Staff intranet management
Supporting services for internal communication
Valuing social policies
Organization chart
Piloting and coordinating the university's communication campaigns (orientation courses, companies, receptions, etc.)
Planning events (forums, fairs, open days, etc.)
Planning sub-Saharan Africa events
Organizing student meetings and fairs
Organization of visits to high schools and institutions
Emailing and telephoning.
Production pole
Management and updating of the University's website and intranet
Implementation and deployment of pages dedicated to research activities
Implementation and deployment of pages dedicated to teaching activities

Creation and follow-up of communication media: posters, flyers, brochures, exhibition catalogues
Web design and 3D animations: plans, student lounges, etc.
Events: Technical aspects
Management of the audiovisual equipment fleet
Organization of the University's Audiovisual Shootings and Reports: Videos and photos of events, illustration photos, etc.
Image rights management
Media Library Administration
Tracking internal and external photo requests